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Enterprise Culture ForewordLiangshi culture is the values of Liangshi staff, and the core of value is innovation. It is a featured culture system gradually formed in the nearly 20 years development.
Liangshi culture is piloted by concept innovation, targeted at market innovation, relying on high technologies and with quality products and good after service, it has created good economic benefit and social benefit, which is developing along Liangshi from zero to small, from small to big, Liangshi culture itself is kept on innovation and development.


Enterprise MI systemEnterprise conception: embarking on technology, basing on quality, keep space with the times, research and development of new products, dedicating to the society.
Development strategy: we can go as far as our mind goes.
Core competition: technology, quality, service.
Business conception: increasing of company benefit with the same pace as that of the social value.
Marketing conception: brand management, value sale, no off- season market but off-season ideas. Working conception: objective, plan, fast, duty.
Talent conception: to offer a stage wide enough for talented people.
Staff conception: grow with the enterprise, work actively with efforts.
Quality conception: excellent product, timely service, collaboration closely, constant innovation.
Quality: excellent products, timely service, collaborate closely and constantly innovate.


Embodiment of enterprise cultureFor clients: in addition to providing client with top-grade quality product, we pay more attention to good-faith and whole-hearted service.
For staff: successful participation, share success, harmony and win-win.
For suppliers: to establish and maintain a kind of mutual benefit cooperation partnership with these suppliers who are also committed to successively improve client's satisfaction by steadily improved quality and service, timely delivery and optimized cost.
For the society: to be a group citizen with sense of responsibility, participation in social welfare undertakings.

Embodiment of enterprise logoThe meaning of company logo takes" tap new source and economize on expense".
The lo with red indicates that our business will be prosperous and booming.
K of the log takes Chinese words" kaituo", that is "exploit" and formed as "ellipse" likes the shape of "earth" which indicates Liangshi staff will, by the position of exploiting and enterprising, take a lead of surface preparation and coating equipment manufacturer through continuous efforts, based in China, go to the world.