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Tanks for selecting our products. In addition to providing you with top-grade quality product ,we pay more attention to good-faith and whole-hearted service. It is only with the complete set of services with best care and attention from SHLiangshi,we have won the acknowledgement and support from our clients .This is also the key factor that make us stable running on the market.
Pre-sales:According to the user's needs, providing a full range of surface treatment equipment and coating equipment professional advice, analysis of user's demand and operating environment, design the most suitable for the user's production, processing technology programs;
Sale:To provide users with standardized, professional and technical training system, universal surface treatment equipment, painting equipment and related technological knowledge, and hands-on demonstrations, provide maintenance of common sense advice, installation, commissioning and other train services;
After-sale:According to the user's situation, established the use of surface treatment and painting equipment, maintain files, keep track of a user's usage;
Providing product updates, enhancements and professional consulting services;
Build a surface treatment and painting equipment parts warehouse to meet the needs of users in maintenance replacement parts;
Professional after-sales service team, visit regularly for new and old customers and equipment maintenance.


To ensure that your device better production run, non-standard type of equipment, the majority of users do with:
Pre-sales:Operations staff ,management personnel, technology staff to understand and participate in the selection of equipment, make recommendations and requirements;
Sale:More personnel involved in equipment design recommendations, monitoring, participation in equipment installation and commissioning and integrated system of training;
After-sale:Read the instructions carefully research equipment works, maintenance of equipment designed specifically to deal with someone.

Note: when users informed the Secretary maintains, should as far as possible to provide details of the fault, contact telephone number, address and contact details.
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