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Social Responsibility

Shanghai Liangshi not only provides good quality products for the national military and manufacturing firms, but also is an enterprise responsible for the society. We carried out a series of social activities, involving education support, environment protection, social charity, etc.


Our company and staff contribute to the society and community by all means. For instance, we devoted money to three poor minority students in western border area in Simao Senior School, we donated broadcasting audio, computers and teaching facilities to Dabie Mountain Yanchun Senior School in Anhui and fund local poor students; we donated RMB300,000 to build a wide cement road in replace of 1.5 kilometers long muddy road, named Liangshi Road.


We also pay attention to vulnerable members of our society, we contribute to the poor families in Heqing Town, we denote money to the national and international earthquake-stricken areas when there are disasters ( Wenchuan earthquake, yushi earthquake in China, Haiti earthquake, Japan earthquake, etc) . We’ve totally donated about 3 million Yuan in recent ten years.

As a member of Environment Protection Association and a designing and manufacturing enterprise of environment protection equipment, our company participates in a lot of environment protection activities. When pursuing technology innovation continuously, Liangshi pay more and more attention on the research and production of high efficient and energy saving environment protection equipment. How to increase utilization rate of resources, decrease energy consumption, lengthen lifetime of equipment, reduce environment pollution, how to constitute a win-win industrial ecosystem, which is the combined requirement of company development, social harmony and sustainable development, and is also the duty-bound responsibility of Liangshi as an enterprise and a citizen.