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The government leaders of Fengxian Shanghai visit and inspect Liangshi

date:2014.05.08    Clicks: 15776

April 30, 2014 morning, the Shanghai Fengxian District Party Committee, Political and Legal Committee Zhou Longhua District Vice Chairman Cheng Yunhua led the sixth inspection team to visit Shanghai  Liangshi and inspected the safety and environmental protecion work, while the regional party leadership also brought the Labor Day blessing. The leaders got fully access to our development goals,environment conditions, the staff conditions, production safety situation and the future planning, also visited the company's production plant and ware house. The leaders highly praised our company's production status, environmental protection, safe and civilized construction conditions and other aspects, and stressed the need to strengthen the management, the production safety to establish a group impression.

The district Party committee leaders gave a fully affirmed to the hard work and development of our company in all these years. Believe Shanghai Liangshi is a young vibrant promising team. At the same time encouraged Shanghai Liangshi to make persistent efforts, get bigger and stronger, and striving for a world-class brand!


Fengxian District of Shanghai Party leadership talked to the head of production department of Shanghai Liangshi.


Fengxian District of Shanghai Party leadership inspected the pressure vessels and large equipment workshop.


Fengxian District of Shanghai Party leadership encouraged Shanghai Liangshi to get bigger and stronger.