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Testing instruments

ARC high value detected by measuring specimen deformation of the original, and then packed into the specimen with the selector placed shot inside the corresponding fixed, using Jet shot peening parameters with the same artifacts. Peening ends remove the specimen measuring deformation of Sagitta, minus the original specimen deformation value of the specimen after the blast ARC high value.

Peening coverage
Coverage measurement surface coated first in blue ink or fluorescent glaze, and then press the workpiece peening process parameters, each spray workpiece surface again removed under a microscope (10x magnification) observation residual coating the proportion of the surface, as well as 20% of the residues, the coverage was 80%. The residue can be considered clear if only 2%, i.e., when the coverage is 98%, i.e., 100% coverage, then there is a time. If the 200% coverage, which is 2-fold that time.

Residual compressive stress detection
Can be measured by x-ray diffraction and compressive residual stress depth of blasting work stress values.
Portable Roughness Tester any of the four parameters: Ra, Rmax / Ry, Rz, and optionally interchangeable; within 0.8mm / 0.03in range, you can choose to traverse the length of 1, 3 or 5 deadline; may be at the level of , vertical or inverted position on the measure; probe has four switching positions - axis (X-axis overlap), 900,1800,2700; even more difficult to reach surfaces such as inner and outer diameter, still also measurable.

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